On this page, we discuss the benefits of a modern zoo.

Sure, zoos were originally animal collections belonging to VIPS in the past, as far back as Egyptian Times. However, there are sanctuaries and Wildlife parks but, zoos are the biggest.

I know, you may complain zoos are bad to their animals, but think DEEPER about it! If there wasn't zoos, we would just have to waste our money going to countries where you won't always see a particular animal and without zoos/aquariums worldwide, British people won't be able to see real life animals, and that would just be sad. Wouldn't it. But zoos have improved over the years! For example, look at this panda enclosure. This panda is known as Yaung Guang and lives at Edinburgh Zoo. Yes, there may have been a time where it was simply just old cages for the animals, but LOOK! A modern enclosure looks lovely. It provides the animal with:

  • Essential Food
  • Loads of Space
  • A beautifully replicated enclosure
  • Natural Surroundings

When back in China, although they aren't endangered anymore, they are still quite rare. But it's plain to see Edinburgh has done a great job with its (mordern) enclosure. And think! How would you like it if you could only get close to non-exotic species in forms of hedgehogs, rats and mice?

And now, let's talk about conservation. Most zoos today have breeding programmes for rarer animals, which help the animal stay alive. So if there were no zoos, 99.99.99% of species would've vanished right now!

So you don't have to appreciate if you don't want to, but make a difference today.