Zebra                                                             Genus: Eqqus

Say you watch kids' programmes like My Little Pony, you sometimes hear things like, "Equestria", but what is the origin of this? So say this is a programme about horses, and this probably came from the genus, "Eqqus", which consists of asses, donkeys, mules, horses, ponies, and zebras. This page is about zebras.

If you want to see an animal on safari, zebras are probably a good place to start. They are thousands of them, they are hebivores, but like any other animal, they have a way of protecting themselves. They throw their back legs in the air, forming an aggresive kick to the predator. And like no two orcas' fins are the same, and niether are two people's fingerprints, Zebras have unique stripes, depending on the induvidual species. Plains Zebra are covered with stripes, Grevy's Zebra have sleeker, thinner stripes, while Mountain Zebras' stripes are almost identical to Plains'.

Zebras eat mostly grass, but at times will eat leaves, sticks and bark, good for them.

Territory: Around most of Africa

Food: (Mentioned in last sentence)

Status: Common around Africa