Quetzal n. 1. A bird with long tail feathers in the Trogon group. ORGIN: Nahuatli Quetzali: Brilliant long tail feather

Quetzal CURRENCY n. 2. Currency from Guatemala.

But, we are talking about the bird and discussing about why they are very hard to keep in zoos.

The quetzal is hard to breed. I don't know why, but this is so. There are also not many zoos with Quetzal in the world. Just about 6 (and probably Amazon World) as far as I know. But most of these quetzals are Golden-Headeds and not Respledents. The first breeding sucsess was at the German Weltvogelpark Walsrode. 4 of the 6 species have ever been kept in zoos.

I also think their diet has something to do with it as well. They eat small vetebrates, fruits, berries and insects.

Only one zoo in the world keeps a single male Respledent Quetzal, and it is in Mexico.