Despite this being one third of the year, I have seen two proper zoos and a half-zoo. Paignton, Bristol (new zoos) and the half zoo was Blenhim Palace's Butterfly House. (Not New) My third (or fouth counting B.Palace) will be a zookeeper experience at Marwell, an old favourite. The VW's House is back to normal, because the holidays have ended, but were good while they lasted. Two of the VW's friends have been lucky enough to go to Central America, and here are my favoured photos:

Caption: A wild (Respledent) Quetzal.

A Wild Red Eyed Tree Frog.

These photos have been used via special permission.

Both species occur rarely in zoos. (Rarer is the Quetzal)

There are more photos of various invertebrates, birds, iguanas, cattle and turtles.

Also, this picture (from another user) was usen by permission.

Beluga at Valencia L'Oceangrafic

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