1. What are your colours?

i - My favourite colour and the best one, the glorious pink!

ii - I dazzle multicoloured. Aaaah.

iii - I'm as proud as - well, me!

iv - I'm not colourful, just black. Oh Well.

2. What do you eat?

i. Shrimp dipping, anyone?

ii. I only eat the highest and juciest fruits from the top of the tree. Ooh La La!

iii. I eat slugs and snails and - oh no, I don't eat them.

iv: I eat worms!

3. You live..

i - In the muddy, marshy bog. EUGH la la.

ii: In my lovely, fashionable tree. Ogh, home tweet home.

iii. Find me in the forest.

iv: In your place; Do you mind?



mostly 'a's, you are A BIT FUSSY like a FLAMINGO.

mostly 'b's, you are FASHIONABLE like a RESPLEDENT QUETZAL.

mostly 'c's, you are PROUD as a PEACOCK.

mostly 'd's, you are a BLACKBIRD.