This tells you what animal you're most like!

1. Where are you?

A. I'll be rompin' around if you need me!

B. I'll be in a cave with all my friends!

C. I'll most likely be under you feet!

D. Find me in a bush!

2. What do you eat?

A. Whatever is there.

B. Mmm-Mmm! That half-a-donkey was delicous! Farmer, Go'anymore?

C. *SPLASH*!  Mmmm! The things I do for fishy food!

D. Tip over that bin, I'm hungry!

3. What will you do if there is an INTRUDER?

B. Hide, what other option IS there?

C. In my burrow I hop!

D. *SNIFF SNIFF* Oh, pooey, I smell awful!



Mostly As: You're mostly like a BLACK BEAR

Mostly Bs: You're mostly like a VAMPIRE BAT

Mostly Cs: You're mostly like a PUFFIN

Mostly Ds: You're mostly like a SKUNK