"What is Round and Green, has big scaly claws, is covered with blue hair, weighs five-thousand pounds and goes peckety-peck-peck?" - Perplexing Puzzles and Tantalizing Teasers. Well, the answer is nothing, or something we DEFINITELY Haven't heard of. Now here are 10 animals we have heard of, but are very rare.

10. Resplendent Quetzal  Found: Costa Rica

This bird is magnificent in colours and indeginous to Central America. However, Hunting for feathers and Deforestation are threats to this AMAZING species. Now let's move to number 9.

9. African Savanna Elephant   Found in: Africa

This giant is now safer than usual, but this one of the big five is quite rare due to tusk-hunting. However, people burn elephant tusks to stop people buying them.

8. Wild Yak  Found In: Tibet

The Yak you see in zoos are domestic yaks, but did you know there are wild ones? But along with the other animals, they are very rare. Like Rhinos and Tigers, they are being poached for meat, coat and hide.

7. Giant Panda     Found in: 6 states in China

OK, OK. Pandas are off endangered but still rare in the wild. "Vunerable" means anything can happen. Their biggest threat is loss of bamboo, the stalks they eat.

6. Blue Whale     Found In: Oceans worldwide, mostly North America and one recording in West Ireland Sea.

This is the biggest animal in the world, but some whaling (whale hunting) still goes today. Also, in March 2014, a blue whale was harassed by a pod of killer whales.

5. Asian Elephant   Found In: Asia

While its African cousin may be OK, the Asians don't have as much good numbers. Their largest threat is Habitat Loss. They are also vunerable by Ivory Poaching and Capturing of Newborns.

4. Vaquita    Found In: The Gulf of California.

This porpoise takes the cake for 2 records; for being the world's smallest cetacean and the most ENDANGERED cetacean. Their dorsal fin is more at the back than the middle. There are only 60 of its kind left.

3. Black Rhino   Found In: Africa.

This rhino has 8 subspecies and its small range, in fact, Goes from south Africa to a much Northeaster region. Threats include Habitat Change, Copeting Species and Illegal poaching.

2. Javan Green Magpie   Found in: Java.

This magpie is so rare that Chester Zoo is the only zoo to hold them in the UK. One of its threats is Illegal removing from the wild.

1.5: Chinese Mountain Rabbit   Found in: China

This Pika was discovered in 1983.

Ohh... K. so you are wondering what number 1 is, aren't you. Glad you asked!

1. Yangteze River Dolphin       Found in: The Yangteze River, China

Never seen since 2006, where there was one possible sighting, this is probably the world's rarest animal, hoped to still swim in the last parts of the Yangteze River.

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