So, let's say you want to see a particular dolphin or whale, but you can't see them. Here are tips how to, though!

Go to a feeding site: Go to a place where whales or dolphins feed. The minke whale can be seen feeding in Scotland, whilst Cardigan Bay is known for its pod of 150 bottlenose dolphins.

There are also some species which - just appear. Orcas can be seen in the Shetland Islands.

False Killer Whales, the fourth largest dolphin can be seen at the Mediterranean Sea or the Red Sea.

Atlantic White Sided Dolphins can be seen in Cape Cod.

To see a variety of big whales, go to Iceland. It is a cold country in Europe, near the North Pole, Arctica. There have been many sightings, from belugas and narwhals to bowhead whales and blue whales.

Happy Whale Watching!