Birdwatching is a very popular hobby, by means of looking for birds in the enviroment. But it requires patience and good vision. Here's my tips to becoming a great birdwatcher!

First, look after your eyes. Don't end up at the opticians, eat carrots and do not go too front to the TV. Now, we'll talk about birds. Be quiet when you approach a bird. Birds don't like loud noises, or else, they run or fly away! Don't be come too impatient. Mostly, birds fly and come back as they want, they don't understand humans saying things like, "Hey birds, come back!" Be patient.

Also, go to the right country to see the right bird. The UK has quite a lot of wild bird species, such as blackbirds, barn owls, crows, jays, and kingfishers.

To see birds easier, buy binoculars. They cost quite a lot, but, it's worth it!

America is home to big scavenger birds or colourful birds.

To see a lot of colourful birds, go to a country round the equator, an invisible line the middle of the world.

Gamebirds are very secretive birds because they are hunted for game. The best way to see wild ones is to look hard in the country, running around fields and meadows. Do not look for the Common Quail in Winter, as these quails migrate.

Birdland, a bird-park in the Cotswolds, has a bird hide in where sightings of birds, such as kingfishers can be.