There are thousands of vegans across the earth, and these people only will eat specialized diets of meat-free products as well as dairy-free products. And some vegans support a charity known as PETA, short for People for the Ethetical Treatment of Animals.

Sounds innocent, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, this charity is nothing like you hear in the title. This charity started in 1980, unfortunately when one of my family members was just TEN years old.

Their "animal shelters" are even worse.. When you send a stray animal to here, it has over 60% that PETA will automatically put it down. They also complain about Zoological Parks, as they try to nudge in our way they try to give an inaccurate message that zoos care more for entertainment than conservation; but this charity is WRONG.

Zoos have Conservation Programmes all over the world, so if this charity scares you too much to go to a zoo again, just forget what they told you. You and I know that PETA is wrong!

It doesn't end there..

This charity also protests about Mario using a leaf to go into a full-tanuki suit, And went as far to make a game of what appears to be a skinned yet alive tanuki chasing after Mario with Tanooki Power, juming over bricks and obstacles, and when the animal finally catches Mario, the screen reads:


But poorly is researched because this "tanooki" suit is based OFF an animal, but doesn't COME from an animal... Ssdirtdoe!! (dissorted)

But good news.. Nintendo soon explains that this is not the only time Mario has changed into a different creature, they said he also in other games the power to resemble a frog, balloon, penguin and even a metal clone of himself.

They also took on Pokèmon Black and White, as they tried to poke in the message, "Pokèmon are kept in a similar way as to captive animals.." But these are Pokèmon and they are animals!