It was one afternoon as a Numbat walked across the outback, finding some termites, and something else...


Numbat was walking back from a lunch of termites, and found a piccolo. However, this wasn't any normal piccolo. Upon picking it up it flew into the sun's glaze a tweeted a merry tune, and changing itself into gold. It flew back into the Numbat's hand. Numbat was amazed, carrying it home. At home it told him the following lines:

trois souhaits que vous aurez, maestro,
car je suis un doux piccolo.
He was amazed!
It came in two days when a quite stingy numbat was ready to make his third and final wish. He'd arranged an army of Piccolos in their hundreds to line up outside his den. The next day, the wish came true. He WAS an extravagant numbat, so he brought his army to Quoll for a see. But by time he reached Quoll's den, a pile of sand was left where Numbat had placed the piccolos. Quoll asked,
"What am I looking at?" Now Numbat would be shocked, bombarded and damned to see another piccolo ever again.