On this page, we focus on zoo animals that have, or are kept in Europe.


OK, now that looks AMAZING! But in the wild, they are very rare, in the African Congo.

Are they common in zoos?: Quite. 21 collections in Europe keep them.

Curassow, Yellow Knobbed

Whistle Whistle, Tweet Tweet! This bird is big as fully grown Domestic Cockrel. And very loud, too.

Are they common in zoos?: Quite. only 15 zoos in Europe keep them.

Red Uakari

OK, we have no picture for this animal, but try imagining a monkey with white fur and a red head. They come from Peru.

Are they common in zoos?: No, and no known individuals are kept in Europe.

Watusi Cow

Moo! Moo! Moooo! I guess you all have seen a cow before, but look at this one's horns! They are very long indeed.

Are they common in zoos?: Yes, 118 collections in Europe hold them.

Chinese Goral

A Chinese... what? There are 4 species of goral, and this one is quite rare where it is from.

Are they common in zoos?: No, only kept in 10 European collections, as this photo was taken at Edinburgh.