Chester Zoo       Location: Upton by Chester

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The Chester Zoo open in 1931 and still lives to this very day. on 2016, 26 December, a newborn giraffe was born. It is 45 ha and its founder was George Mottershed, who was born on the 12th of June in 1894 and died on 1978, on the 5th day of May.

Its Animals include: Jaguar, African Elephant, X-ray Tetra, Tuatra, Congo Buffalo, Black Rhinoceros, Sumaratan tiger, Visayan Warty Pig, Aardvark, Southern Cassowary, Lowland Anoa, Banteng and Many others.

 Songbirds, Sun Bears, Malayan Tapir and Bintoroung are to come.

The Living Rainforest

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Ever wanted to go to a real rainforest - but cannot afford it? No worries! In Berkshire, there is an amazing place where an orchid nursery once stood but does no longer. It has animals and plants that are to be found in a real rainforest. 

It has what?: Toucans, Azra's Agouti, Roulroul Partirdge, Sloth and many Others!!

Battersea Children's Zoo

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Small zoos are often known as "children's zoos" rather than just "zoos". This one is no exception! They have got many small animals.


Asian Short Clawed Otter, Azara's Agouti, Bolivian Squirrel Monkey, Brown Capuchin, Chinchilla, Cotton top Tamarin, Donkey, European Hedgehog, Emporor Tamarin, Ferret, Guinea Pig, Harvest Mouse, Kunekune pig, Mara, Northern Tree Shrew, Palla's Squirrel, Rabbit, Red necked Wallaby, Ring Tailed Coati, Scottish Wildcat, Siberian Chipmunk, Slender Tailed Meerkat, Turacos and more.

Wingham Wildlife Park

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Despite opening in 1986, This is, or as they say Kent's fastest growing zoo. It is the only UK zooto have Gray's monitors at the moment, out of the only two in Europe. Also, it is the only zoo in the whole of Europe to have Qattara Geckos, (A funny word, because it is just a 'Q' then a 'QU' As some locations in Europe, mainland UK has been struck yet. This also may be the start of a new kind of reserve, with enclosed animals. It is also the only location in Wingham to keep wolves and jaguars.


The zoo has 209 species.

UK wolf trust

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The UK wolf trust is a small collection of wolves, kept in Beenham. They are home to Canadian and Arctic wolves, and 10 of them.

Animals: Canadian Wolf, Arctic Wolf (Red kites can occasionally be seen flying over the enclosures)

Millets Farm (Falconry)

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This is the largest falconry in Oxfordshire.

Species: Turkey Vulture, Golden Eagle, Striped Skunk, Ferret, Barn Owl, Red Kite, Carrion Crow, Peregrine Falcon and Many more.