This page is on honour of one animal. A black-and-white sea mammal you may know by now, swimming everywhere.

Give up? OK, we are talking about the orca (or killer whale) on this page.

A misname

Yes, hands up if you've been to SeaWorld. OK, Peurto de la Cruz. OK, Antibes. No? Well if you have seen one ANYWHERE, then you may've had a feeling of "ooh, it's a whale!". Well, the orca is not a whale, but the largest... dolphin. The live less than 60 years, are social and I'm out of options, but yes, a dolphin, they are a dolphin!

A personalised fin

As zebras have different stripes, humans have different fingerprints, orcas have different dorsal fins. What is that? The fin on the back of an animal like a porpoise, dolphin, orca, pilot whale, the list goes on. Each orca's dorsal fin is different, as some may have curved, some straight some.. oh, just see the photos.

Orcas and Scientific Names

The orca was given an interesting scientific name, which may just show where the term orca came from. Orcinus orca.

SeaWorld's difference

After a final One Ocean show on Sunday, SeaWorld has planned never to do an orca show again, being replaced by far more educational close-up ecounters. Their orca breeding program has stopped as well.

Now how do YOU think of orcas?