Answer the questions!

1: Fill the gap. The Komodo dragon is the _______ lizard in the world

2: out of 100% of all birds, which fraction of them live in South America?

3: True or false: the striped polecat is in the badger family - a mustelid.

4: What is the raccoon's name in a language - washing bear or striped long tail?

5: Name 3 rodents.

6: What is the name of the only species of European monkey?

7: Where can you find a skunk?

8: When was the giraffe's scientific name invented?

9: Which type of animal is on Guatemala's flag?

10: What is the largest animal?

11: "One for sorrow, two for joy..." Which animal is in this nursery rhyme?

12: How fast can the African giant slug go?

13: The diffrence between an alpaca and a llama?

14: What 'u' animal has black feathers and a umbrella-like crest?

15: How do we know when woolly mammoths roamed the Earth?

16: What is this?

17. What is this?

18. What is this? Is it: A; Chilean Flamingo, B; Pied Avocet or C; Sacred Ibis?

Final Question: What was the largest animal to be held in captivity? (zoos, menargries, aquariums..etc.)




1. the Komodo Dragon is the largest lizard in the world. 

2. One third of all birds live in South America.

3. True.

4. Washing Bear.

5. Any answer acceptable of three animals, as long as they are rodents. (Rats, Mice, Rabbits..)

6. Barbary Macaque.

7. The Americas, closely related stink badgers are in Asia.

8. Roman times.

9. Respledent Quetzal.

10. The Blue Whale.

11. Magpie. (The first line: Magpie, magpie flutter and flee...)

12. Trick Question; they are giant snails.

13. Alpaca's ears point straight up, whilst Llamas' are curved. (Look at photo)

14. Umbrellabird. If you saw the "Black Feathers," You knew it would be a bird.

15. Like dinosaurs, Scientists have found bones.

16. It is an Alligator Gar.

17. It is a Chilean Backed Thrush.

18. B; A Pied Avocet.

Final: Gray Whale. This doesn't usually happen, but occassionally. Easiest way to see a whale/dolphin/porpoise is to either go to a cetacean hotspot or go on a whale watching expirience.

Thanks for Training your brain, but like any quiz, don't directly look at the answers!