Quetzal                                                                 Genus: Birds from two genuses; Pharomachrus and Euptilotis

Much praised and sacred by the ancient Mayans, the Respledent Quetzal is regarded one of the most beautiful birds on Earth. The Quetzal is a Trogon, in the same group of other trogons. There are six species of Quetzal. The Respledent Quetzal, the Crested Quetzal, White Tipped, Golden Headed, Pavonine and Eared. The Respledent Quetzal has Green-Blue Feathers, a yellow beak and the most well-known feature, the Tail Feathers.

Quetzals eat fruit, invertebrates, berries and small vertebrates. They live from in Central to South America.

Territory: Certain parts of America

Food: Fruit, invertebrates, berries and small vetebrates.

Status: Locally Common.