(as far as I know)..

  • Umbrellabird: Dallas World Aquarium, Walsrode
  • Quetzal: Dallas World, Walsrode, Beauval, A Collection in Italy, Xcreat Park, ZooMat, Bronx, Houston; OMG Rare Bird yet EIGHT collections have them? Wow.
  • Tiger Quoll: Last American one died at Colombus Zoo; some Australian zoos still have them.
  • Pilot Whale: SeaWorld San Diego
  • Commerson's Dolphin: Aquatica
  • Orca: Moscow, France, Loro Parque, SeaWorld, Vancouver; The List could Go on.
  • Uakari: A truly rare animal (in captivity), Los Angeles and a zoo in Peru house Balds.

Hmm.. Let's try RARER.

  • Viscacha: As far as I know, only a couple of European Zoos still have these.