Nile Lechwe                     Scientific Name: Kobos megaceros

The Nile Lechwe may sound like an invertebrate, but it is really an antelope that many people don't know. The Nile Lechwe's an endangered animal,  and their biggest threat is a hydroelectric dam in the south of their native floodplans in Sudan. Nile Lechwe can signal and vocalise. It's like many of the antelopes in which males have horns and females don't and the Lechwe is one of the waterbucks. Nile Lechwe.... croak. Females sound like toads croaking. Lechwes can live up to 21 years in zoos. The are crepusclar which means that they are active in late afternoon and early morning.

Territory: Ethiopia

Diet: Swamp Grasses and Aquatic Plants

Status: Endangered