This page, we compete a Beluga between its closest relative, the Narwhal.



Common?: Yes, but are decreasing.

Teeth: The narwhal usually has one tusk, but occasionally one'll have two.

Found: In Arctic waters.

Eats: Fish.

Weighs: 800 to 1,600kg

How big is it?: 13 to 18ft.

Melonheaad?*: No

*Melonhead means, "The round head of various toothed whales."

Common?: Yes, but decreasing.

Teeth: No tusk, but teeth.

Found: in cold European waters.

Eats: Fish.

Weighs: 1,100 to 1,600 kg

How big is it?: 11 to 18ft.

Melonhead: Yes

Winner: Narwhal!