We believe lots of things. However, we like to divide what we know into two: myths and truths.

Here on this page, we go behind common animal misconceptions and find the truth.

Bulls react at red

I'm not sure if you have been to a Spanish bullfight, but what you may know is someone waving a red towel at an agitated bull, then the bull charges. Surely it's the colour that angers the bull, right? Wrong.

You may be surprised to know that red is normal for a bull, because bulls are colour blind. So the bull would react same to any colour; red, orange, green, purple, yellow, etc.

Cuddly Bears

Since I'm sure you all snuggle with a teddy, you may think all bears are soft and cuddly. Nope.

In fact, we only call teddies that after the American President Theodore Roosevelt after him hunting and he refused to shoot a bear cub, and "Teddy" is short for "Theodore". In fact, Polar Bears aren't to be messed with, as when they feel like it, they can severely attack you, or worse.

"But Matthew's Animals, what about Pandas?"

Well, they can be aggressive too.

Ostrich head dip

Ostriches. Three things? They are the largest bird on earth, have the largest eggs, and can't fly. But what about having their head in the sand?

Sorry to burst your huge bubble, but they don't.

It is only an optical illusion they do that, when they are threatened, the birds just simply run off.

Mute Giraffes

I'm sure once you were quite stressed. You really wanted to know like crazy, but you couldn't. Nobody could tell you. They couldn't. Nobody could tell them.

For years, people have always thought the towering giraffes never made a sound. However, in later years, we found out giraffes do produce vocalizations.

Baby Giraffes moo to call mothers, and bleat or bellow to show they are in distress.

We should never forget the ones that tower higher, the adult giraffes. They produce noise too!

Adults snort when in predatory range, make a goat-like noise to say "Predators, you've caught me. You may as well eat me. I'm defeated.", bellow when their babies are in danger, hiss when angry, moo and also make low vocalizations only advanced devices can pick up.