I've seen many zoos, and here's my guide to some of them.

2015 - Matthew's Animals made!!

RIGA ZOO - Located in Latvia; pretty much the only big zoo in the country of Latvia. Interesting collection, it is.

HIGHLIGHTS - Many exotic creatures.

LOWLIGHTS - Some enclosures here could improve. E.g, Brown Bear's current enclosure could have some vegetation, not sure what animal would like a rocky brown bear-desgined enclosure.

ZOO DE LABENNE - Located in the Labenne forests, mostly of parrots and other birds.

HIGHLIGHTS - Signage good.

LOWLIGHTS - Needs more species.

BIARRITZ AQUARIUM - Only collection of animals in Biarritz, mostly fish and crustaceans.

HIGHLIGHTS - Once you've went, you somewhat always want to go.

LOWLIGHTS - Not much lowlights here, but Dolphins could do well here, in a big enclosure.


Good year for zoos, counted eight that year.

THE LIVING RAINFOREST - A tropical greenhouse in Berkshire.

HIGHLIGHTS - Good place with agoutis, turtles, birds and other animals.

LOWLIGHTS - Always wanted to see Quetzal here.

TEL AVIV SAFARI - A large safari park/zoo - probably the 2nd best in Middle East/Africa.