I love animals, and on this page, the long-Unknown question is answered - what is my favourite zoo? So here we go - 

5. Marwell Zoo AKA Winchester Zoo

Marwell Zoo has the largest collection of hoofed mammals (ungulates) in the UK, and that is no exception. Marwell Zoo has around 1000 animals of around 110 different species. The giraffe house is a wonder to behold!

4. London Zoo

London Zoo is also a lovely zoo, with all kinds of animals, from anteaters to zebras - no, really! There is a lovely Southern Tamandua in Rainforest Life.

3. Birdland, Bourton-on-the-Water

Birdland is most probably the UK's largest bird park, in Spring, the eggs are removed from the enclosures, and put into the hatching nursery. The finch aviary also keeps their finch and quail at home.

2. Bristol Zoo

While this isn't enough to take the cake, Bristol Zoo is very good anyway. The Penguin and Seal coasts features South American Penguins and South American Fur Seals. My personal favourite exhibit here is Twilight World, where a number of nocturnal animals live, including the UK's only Quoll and Kowaris. I sadly, have no pictures of what a Kowari looks like, because you have a 1/10 chance of seeing it. I do have a picture of a quoll, though!


So, What is Number 1? Let's count down again!

In 5th place, Marwell Zoo for its amazing Giraffe House, in 4th place, London for its amazing tamandua, in 3rd place, Birdland for its large collection of birds, in 2nd place, Bristol for its diverse collections... And No.1 has to be...



1. Edinburgh Zoo

So, it all starts as "oh, interesting place, but not enough to surprise me" but deeper you get into the zoo, the more exotic the animals become, like the UK's only Koalas and Giant Pandas. The Budungo Trail is impossible to compare with Jerusalem's Chimpanzee enclosure, because they are both very good. This zoo also houses Scotland's only Gentoo and King penguins, which are both worth a trip seeing, and my favourite part is... I like every part of Edinburgh Zoo equally! It also has very good animal welfare, and all this adds up to the fact it is my favourite zoo of all time. And as a message to RZSS: "You have a very good zoo, with lovely staff and animals, and I hope you will keep up the good work until the end of the zoo's days, if it will close. Don't ruin anything, leave it or add new things to it. And one last thing: Thank you, and goodnight!"