So this, of course just cuts a long story short (in words), and it goes like this..

I was looking forwards to the Easter Holidays, because Mum'd promised me a day out in Paignton, espescially to see the zoo there, but I wasn't allowed to mention it - because an incident the Wednesday before; but I begged Mum - or we wouldn't have this story written - would we? So, it started off as a day in the VW house would usually - until Mum told us to dress up!

Then I thought - but where is Dad taking us? It appeared I was going with Mum - And I went to Paignton!

So, We were at the Didcot railway station, where Mum and I were excited - that she forgot a water bottle she'd brung for the trip!

Then we had to go to Bristol Parkway - which kind of reminded me of where my Grandmother lives - in a block of flats in Riga, Latvia. I'd seen many wierd and wonderful things on the train - including Brunel's Bridge!

It was a 3-hour journey to Paignton - but it was worth the wait indeed!

Paignton is a lovely city, and it's near the beach, despite I caught a Spring's Breeze - it made my teeth chatter!

And this is about the zoo, so, we arrived to the zoo, via a bus, and I and mum had to wait in a queue - the zoo is a popular holiday attraction!

So we got in here, and we went on a bridge crossing over waterbirds - as many ducks and flamingos you would want!

Soon, it was time for Rainforest Tropics - focusing most on lizards and birds - Java Sparrows and Geckos to name just two species I saw there!

And then we were about to see the echidnas, and we did.

The Echidna was near the Red Pandas. It is the only one of its kind in the UK, and Monotremes (egg laying mammals) are very seldom seen indeed, even under worst of conditions.

The Echidna's enclosure had a surrounding wall, and the enclosure had:

  • 1 x Short-Beaked Echidna
  • 1 x Enrichment Tube
  • Small Hills of Dirt and Mud

And at the top of the zoo there was the Crocodile House, an interesting place, and you could play a game where there was a an alarm clock in a (plastic) crocodile's mouth, and the sign said the Alarm Clock belonged to Captain Hook, and you had to press the button on the alarm clock to stop it ticking. But I thought the game was broken, and here's a question you may ask,

Q: What time on the clock did it show?

A: The clock shown 9:15 or 21:15, (The big hand on the 3 and the small hand on the 9) Here's how you tell the time on a minute hand: you time the number it's on by 5, e.g 1 x 5= X.05, 2 x 5= X.10, and so on.

And, then came the major parts of the day, the elephant, the takin, and the only nocturnal animals in the N. House were the hiding meerkats and a tenrec (offshow!) Oh Well.

But unfortunately the kiwi was offshow, but you could see what it was doing on a Tobisha screen. Oh Well.

As the day went by, we decided to see the smaller attractions, and the aviary had neighbouring lions(!)

It was a good day, but I would give it 4.2/5 stars, -0.8 because lack of kiwi.

Overall it was a good day!