Hello, It's been a while since I made my blog, now to edit it!

So, now in 2017 many new animals to Von Wenden family have been found, even quoll, golden pheasant and

Yes, even echidna. I had to go all the way to Paignton Zoo, the only place where you can see a LIVE echidna in the UK, but this is the perfect place in the UK, where the grass is green and the girls are lovely. And I've seen Golden Pheasant TWICE this year, at Paignton Zoo and Birdland. Zootierliste says they know this because Paignton Zoo's website said they had this species and Birdland? well, no information.

The Quolls are back at Bristol Zoo! Now Linton Zoo has them as well, funny, they're not listed on their animal list.

I'm moving soon, :(, Goodbye fair Milton Hieghts, Will miss you for much. I owe a big thank you to everyone educated by this sweet yet simple website, And I hope you will ever support me until this time is ended.

EDIT: I've already moved - isn't so bad now..

Plus; Marwell Zoo Junior Keeper Experience!!! If you have this, you will see more of Marwell's Animals than ever before.



Unicorn Oryx

PLUS!: I'm learning a new instrument!! It's the.. Oh. OK. I'll keep it as a surprise until the end of the month.

UPDATE: OK, I said the end of this month; OK. I'll tell you. It's flute.

I'm also planning to.. (drumroll)



How much are you aiming? Answer: £5500.

Where will all the money go to? Answer: Zoo visits, supporting zoos, house money and I also want to go to countries outside Europe!

And who's for platypus? because..

Yep, no lie, that is a real life platypus. At Melbourne Zoo, that is.