If you go to Winchester, there is one thing you need to see. This is Marwell Zoo, set in over 140 acres, with 1,400 animals of 135 different species.

The penguins are bound to be the first thing you see at the zoo. In the afternoon, you may be lucky even see the penguins feeding on fish. After that, hitch a ride on the zoo's train. You will see flamingos, pygmy hippos, rheas and capybaras - some of the most unfamiliar animals to young ones. This zoo stands out from the rest because it is the only UK zoo to house all 3 kinds of zebra - Grevy's, Grant's and Burchell's. Some other unfamiliar animals here consist of antelopes, in which the zoo has Bongo, Kudu and Oryx. Tropical World is the only Rainforest House in this zoo at the moment, but in 2018, there'll be a new one. The ocelots can be found near the fossa here. Also, Snow Leopards can be seen in beautiful natural settings, near where the owls live.

With all these features, Don't you think it sounds like a lovely zoo? If so, then, book tickets now!