WHAT is a menotreme? 

A mammal that lays eggs. The Platypus and Echidna are menotremes.

Platypus AKA Omithorhymchus Anatinus

The platypus lives for 17 years in captivity and when scientists first saw the platypus, they never'd seen anything like it. They thought it was a hoax, and they tried to pull the "fake" bill off. The platypus cannot be found anywhere outside Australia because they are very difficult to breed, which I find strange. In a same way, Quetzals, for instance are very hard to breed as well, but they *at least* had some sucsesses, with Weltvogelpark Walsrode being the first. If I could own them, I would give them a 10 acre enclosure (possibly a bit more) to look like a Platypus' natural habitat. But there is probably some restriction against them being kept outside Australasia.