In 2016, I went to the Tel Aviv Safari as part of my holiday in Israel and my family took lots of photos of animals.

But here is what I want to share with you on this page:This is a Fennec Fox, and it would usually be found running round the Sahara Desert, but this one was at Tel Aviv Safari.

Fennec Facts!

  • The Fennec Fox's big ears help it stay cool in the sun.
  • They are nocturnal.
  • You could have one as a pet, but a YouTube video says that they make terrible pets.
  • Their main predators are several African species of eagle owl.
  • Sadly, they are hunted for fur.
  • Their range is as far from Morroco to Egypt.
  • As small as their cranium is, they have a very small brain. This explains why their heads are very small indeed!
  • They can live in captivity for up to 14 years.
  • Families of these species can dig out dens in the sand for protection which can be as large as 120m2.

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Israel is LOVELY. But even if you don't see this one, you have loads more animals to see!