Ever wanted to do survival in a real rainforest/jungle? then do this test.

You notice that you've accidently came in the WINTER! Clumsy you. What do you do?

a) So what? It never snows here.

b) Enjoy it!

c) DOH! WHY was I so clumsy?

You find three things you think are edible - a locust, toucan's egg and an earthworm. Which should you eat?

a) locust

b) egg

c) earthworm

You are surrounded by male lions. you are terrified! What do you do?

a) Nothing. It is the females that hunt.

b) think...


You find an okapi and a family of mountain gorillas - 2 very rare species. What do you do?

a) Take photos with your camera.

b) Nothing.

c) Take their bodies to the museum.

At night, a curassow whistles - right by your tent! What do you do?

a) Nothing. Just listen to nature's sounds.

b) Take your basecamp somewhere else.

c) End its days. MWAHAHAHA!!

A hungry bear eats all your food. Uh Oh! What do you do?

a) Find other, wild food.

b) be angry at him. grrr..

c) You shall chase him away into a ravine. But never underestimate a bear!

Let's see your results!

Mostly 'a's: You are a true survivor! Resilient as a tardigrade.

Mostly 'b's: You won't be the best survivor, neither the worst.

Mostly 'c's: Uh-Oh, no offence, but you won't survive a millisecond out there!

Thanks for testing!