Ok, here is the list:

European Mole - Not really a zoo animal, but kept for viewing anyways. They can be seen at the British wildlife Centre, in Newchapel.

Kingfishers - Say you've seen kookaburras but no kingfishers? Well, to your gladness, kookaburras are kingfishers! The largest kingfisher, as seen in the picture. This kookaburra just popped up at Crocodiles of the World! They are a popular zoo bird. There are 46 zoos with them in the UK, according to zootierliste, and probably over 60 altogether in Europe! San Diego also has them. The Blue winged kookaburra also is present in Australian zoos, as well as 10 collections in the UK. The collared kingfisher can also be seen at Amazon World Zoo Park and Bristol Zoo.                   

Mustelids - This consists of Badgers, weasels and others. The American Badger can be seen at Big Bear Alpine Zoo, Eurasian as per European mole, Weasels as well at the British Wildlife Centre and probably a couple of other European Zoos, as well as the Detroit Zoo. A couple of zoos have otters, Amazon World has Giant River Otters, probably San Diego, Many UK/American Zoos have Striped Skunks, Utah Hogle Zoo with Spotted Skunks, and others in America. A sanctuary in Africa keeps a zorilla as well.

Dolphins and Whales

The only baleen whale to be kept in captivity was a orphaned gray whale known as JJ, at SeaWorld Orlando. Dolphins are kept all over the world, Especially the bottlenose dolphin and Killer "whale", however, my family prefers to call this large dolphin: orca. SeaWorld, if I'm not mistaken, also has False Orcas and Pilot Whales. Also, if necessary, the vaquita, a couple years later will be kept in captivity as the world's rarest cetacean.

Platypus and Quokka

You may have heard of a platypus, but WHAT ON EARTH is a quokka? A small wallaby from the Rotnest Islands. Both animals are not kept outside Australia. Also, Blackpool had Quokkas in the 1900s.

Giant Panda

The world's most recognisable rare animal, the Panda is kept in 21 countries. However, it is the most expensive animal, as expensive for £600,000 pounds for Edinburgh, the only UK zoo currently keeping pandas. My family took this photo of Yaung Guang at the zoo.My family took this photo of Yaung Guang at the zoo. Also, try San Diego Zoo or Smithsonian National if come from the US, as this website was developed in the UK.


A colourful bird from the Americas, but Golden Headed, Crested and Pavonine are said to live at Amazon World Zoo Park, Golden Headed can also be seen in Weltvogelpark Walsrode in Bornlitz,and Saint Allesio in Italy. If you are from America, then try Bronx Zoo or Dallas World Aquarium or Zoológico Miguèl Álvarez del toro.


In Europe, Try Riga Zoo, Whipsnade, Highland Wildlife Park, or Moscow Zoo. If American, try Alaska Zoo, Detroit Zoo or Toronto Zoo.


As a popular pet, this one can be found in Europe at: Lots of zoos, including West Midlands' Animal Encounters. If American, Try Saint Louis Zoo.


The rarest salamander can be found at London or Edinburgh if European, If American, try Toronto.


This is the closest living relative to the koala! They can be seen at Hannover Zoo if you are European. If American, try San Diego Zoo.

 Thanks as always!