On this page, we focus about animals in danger. Here are ways we can save them.

No. 1: DON'T EVER buy products made from endangered animals; This is one of the very threats threatening Sea-Turtles. AVOID these products:

  • Turtle-Made Guitar
  • Turtle-Made Bracelet
  • Turtle-Made Boots
  • Sea Turtle figure of real turtle material

No. 2: Give money to zoos; Many zoos today are involved in conservation. Most of a zoo's money goes to endangered animals.

No. 3: Be careful of whom you have as a pet; There are such things as exotic pets. These are pets of exotic wild animals. However, having one is illegal.

No. 4: Careful about paper bags; This is another threat to Sea Turtles. S. Turtles like to eat jellyfish. However, they can mistake paper bags for jellyfish and suffer and die.

And, remember, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.