Giant Panda      Scientific Name: Ailuporoda melanoleuca

In China if you're extremely lucky,  You will see the worldwide symbol of conservation, the Giant Panda. Only 21 countries in the world have them in zoos, China, the UK, Thailand and others. When in the wild, they eat bamboo and sometimes small animals but when in a zoo they eat... Bamboo and a few other things. Such as sugar cane, rice gruel, apples, carrots and sweet potatos. Unlike MANY animals they can stop giving offspring. They usaully have one cub at a time since once the cub is born they take care of it very well. Less then 1000,000 remain alive today. Strangely, how long they live in the wild remains still unknown, but in captivity they seem to live up to 30 years - That's the age of a grown-up!                                                         

Territory: Some parts of China

Diet: Bamboo, although in captivity they eat sugar cane, rice gruel, apples arrots and sweet potatos as well

Status: Vunerable