Here are some fish you never knew!


A fat fish found in the Amazon River. It can also have a certain amount of time out of water! "Fish-out of-water" Indeed, Yeah?

Parrot Fish

Notice this fish's mouth is open? That's why it never closes it! It can't!

Mexico Blind cave Fish

This fish, hence the name, is blind! So it uses its other senses to find food!

Moray Eel

This eel can be big and yellow, or small and tan. Since small subspecies are small, they are great at hiding!

Black Pacu

Despite its name, the black pacu is tan-yellow, not black.

Pristella Fish

This is the proper name for X-ray fish. Hence the alternative name, it's see-through.

Pignose turtle

This may not be a funny fish, but we put it here for a happy coincedence! It is known for its pignose.

Freshwater Stingray

Unlike other stingrays, this one comes from the Amazon river, rather than the sea.

Red tailed catfish

This is the only living species of its genus. It is from Eucador, Brazil and Venezuela.


This fish looks like a pipe, hence the name.

Alligator Gar

What came first? Alligators or Alligator Gars? Alligator Gars! They first appeared over 100,000 years ago!

Brain Coral

As in the name, this coral looks like a brain.

Giant Grouper

This is a.. Not so gentle giant. Larger specimens have been known to attack divers!

 Thanks for swimming with us!