Here are 26 species that passed away.. and how!

A is for Armadillo (Extinct) (Well, at least it looked like an armadillo and was in the armadillo genus..)The correct name for this creature was Glyptodon and was no wonder why this species became extinct. People hunted down the species for food and shelter from the shell. For a rescourceful link click here: Wikipedia: Glyptodon

B is for Bali Tiger, the smallest tiger. It weighed 65-80kg an the last one was killed at a hunting party in 1911 and it was the first tiger extinct in recent times. As for Ngandong, Trinil and Wanhsien were prehistoric. Wikipedia: Bali Tiger

C is for Cape .... Species! There are 3 species that became extinct on the Cape of Africa. Cape Lion, Cape Warthog and Cape Serval.