We all love observing wildlife, but many people are destroying it nowadays. Like for example, the axolotl (top right)                                                   once roamed the Mexican waters until people got them out of their habitat for illegal pet trade, until less then 300 were left. If an animal is endangered, this is a sign it will be extinct in the future. "Extinct" means that all this animal individuals have died out.

Sucsess or foiled plans?

On your right, you see a picture of a polar bear.  These bears are endangered of loss of their habitat. However, there are areas where polar bears are protected.

Enjoy the large things

Here's a picture of two Asian elephants.  Asian elephants are endangered animals as well because they're losing most of their habitat.  Orangutans are losing most of their habitat, too.

Horny Horror

In this photo, you see a Southern White Rhinoceros.     Rhinos aren't just endngered because of habitat loss, they are endangered because of poachers killing them for their horns. They think a rhino's horn has special powers. But rhino horns are made of the same thing of our fingernails. So rhino horns have no special powers at all!

We must save these animals before they're all gone.