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Armadillos tend to live in forests, pampas and grasslands of South and North America. However, they tend to refuge in sand, or hide amongst trees.

Come and find me, ready or not!

All armadillos, with exception of Six-banded, have a semi-nocturnal behaviour. This means at night, the 'dillos have you as much chance finding them then as day. The Nine-banded armadillo has five claws, 2 at edges being sharp, whilst 3 smooth ones.

What do I say?

Ever wondered what noises the armadillo makes? They snuffle, grunt, sniff, hiss, and screaming hairy armadillos make a sound like an angry cat. Note: They only do this when threatened, one way to exhibit this sound is to hold it.

What's on my menu?

Armadillos tend to eat roots, ants, worms, eggs, and grubs. Most species have adapted to semi-nocturnal behaviour, as there is lots of invertebrates for them to forage.

Swimming 'dillos!

You may not know this, but armadillos are great when it comes to swimming! They can hold their breath from 4-6 minutes at once and can swim long distances. They can even go underwater!

What's more?

Armadillo literally means "little armoured one", and every time they give birth, they usually give identical quadruplets, and also..

Surprise Surprise!

Did you know only one species of armadillo can turn into a complete ball?

That's the three banded armadillo from South America!

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