Here, I share some of the photos we took at Bristol Zoo!


The Outside area is as interesting of that of the inside areas, and here is a beautiful Kea, a parrot from New Zealand!

Also, at the latter of here, I saw this mara just sitting there, in an enclosure shared by a pudu.

At Penguin and Seal coasts, there was this South American Fur Seal, but was a bit hard to photograph since he swam fast!


Basically, this is my favourite part at Bristol Zoo (Or Bristol itself!)

This is probably the best photo of the lot, since most of the animals were in dark areas, so here is an Aruba Island Rattlesnake.

This photo is of a species I've been BEGGING my life to see - the distinctive Eastern Quoll. This photo was in a dark area, but the animal is in that box there.

Also, this photo was in the dark as well - the streching sand cat, asleep on that big box up there.

Along with Eastern Quoll, I've been equally begging my life to see the Aye-Aye.

Also, it may be blurry, but this photo is of the last animal on our visit photographed at the Nocturnal Attraction, a pair of Black Rats.

Oops - I forgot the Turkish Spiny Mouse!