Welcome and as in the name, this page will show the birds I'd love to see.


  • Great Spotted Kiwi
  • Little Spotted Kiwi
  • Southern Brown Kiwi
  • Okarito Kiwi
  • North Island Brown Kiwi


  • Red Billed Oxpecker
  • Yellow Billed Oxpecker


  • White Tipped Quetzal
  • Golden Headed Quetzal
  • Respledent Quetzal
  • Eared Quetzal
  • Pavonine Quetzal
  • Crested Quetzal

Trogons: Genus Apaloderma

  • Narima Trogon
  • Bare Cheeked Trogon
  • Bar-Tailed Trogon

NOTE: Trogons are a large family and I would love to see all of them, but too many to put on the list.

Cocks of the Rock

  • Andean Cock of the Rock
  • Guinan Cock of the Rock


  • Long Wattled Umbrellabird
  • Amazonian Umbrellabird
  • Bare Necked Umbrellabird


  • Red Ruffed Fruitcrow
  • Purple Throated Fruitcrow
  • Crimson Fruitcrow


  • Capuchinbird


  • Three Wattled Bellbird
  • White Bellbird
  • Bearded Bellbird
  • Bare-Throated Bellbird

And LOADS more..

I would love to see every animal on adobe, wwf, and so on. It would be LOVELY.


As I see...

KIWI - Paignton


TROGON - Last kept at Amazon World Zoo Park - Left the collection I hear, making that a big zero in UK numbers, Zoo Zurich, Weltvogelpark Walsrode, Oasi di Sant'Allesio, Beauval and Wuppertal are the only European collections to still sucsessfully keep them. 

UMBRELLABIRD - Walsrode and Barcelona still keep the species in Europe.

FRUITCROW - None in UK, Berlin and Wuppertal still keep them.

COCK OF THE ROCK - Edinburgh used to have them, this is no longer, but Beauval still has them.

CAPUCHINBIRD - None in Europe..

BELLBIRD - All gone from Europe.