Yes, zoos are my favourite attraction, but ANY WHERE in the UK/Europe where you can see THESE? I would love to see them in one collection.

Steller's sea lion

Takin - Last time I went to Marwell was in the half term, October 2016, do they still have them?

Spotted Skunk

Quetzal - Heard some live at Amazon World - Are they still there?



Aye Aye

Clouded Leopard

Vicuna - I ocassionally go to zoos with them but miss them!

Quinling Panda



Chinese Ferret Badger

Honey Badger - Heard there's one at Howlett's though.


SOUTH American Porcupine. Edinburgh has North.

Panther Chameleon


Hamadrya's Baboon

Striped Hyena

Cape Buffalo

Spotted Hyena

Three-toed sloth

Black Panther




African Dwarf Frog

Grizzly Bear


Nutcracker Bird




Kodiak Bear

White Lion

White Tiger

Burmese Ferret-Badger


Harp Seal

Hooded Seal

Sugar Glider, Any Glider

Peters' Platanna


Rhesus Macaque

I found

Steller's Sea Lion - None in UK - Edinburgh's moved somewhere. What I FOUND: Madrid zoo/aquarium

Takin - Mishmis live at RZSS Highland wildlife park and Colchester.

Spotted Skunk - Antwerpen Zoo, Belgium, Probably??

Quetzal - Zootierliste: Crested Quetzal** but what does "**" mean? "*" means no known German holdings "**" means No known European holdings, but you especially may find it at a Former Holdings place. (e.g, C. Quetzal; Amazon World Zoo Park)

Numt - No zoos in Europe have them

Aye-Aye - Chester/Colchester Zoo

Clouded Leopard - Howlett's Animal Park

Vicuna - London, Edinburgh

Quinling Panda - No zoos have this subspecies. The closest you can get are Giant Pandas, in which 2 live at Edinburgh Zoo.

Coyote - Biaparco, Italy??

Dingo - The closest you can get is Exmoor's Singing Dogs.

Chinese Ferret Badger - Berlin Zoo??

Honey Badger - Howlett's Animal Park

Ermine - Wildwood Trust, Kent

South American Porcupine - Amazon World Zoo Park

Panther Chameleon - Bristol Zoo

Blackbuck - Longleat

Hamadrya's Baboon - Paignton Zoo

Striped Hyena - Twycross Zoo

Cape Buffalo - West Midland Safari Park

Spotted Hyena - Colchester Zoo

Three toed Sloth - Zoo De Guyane, no UK zoos with them.

Black Panther - Chester Zoo

Gerenuk - No one in UK has them, only 2 Zoos in Berlin, Germany have them in the whole in Europe.

Springbock - As Gerenuk, No one in UK has them, and Berlin Zoo does.

Blobfish - Unknown, probably not.

African Dwarf Frog - None in UK, Frankfurt and Berlin have them, though.

Grizzly Bear - None in UK, only 7 European collections have them.

Shoebill - None in UK, closest probably Weltvogelpark Walsrode.

Nutcracker Bird - None in UK, Dredsen Zoo has them.

Mockingbird - None in UK, A single collection, in Switzerland has tropicals.

Roadrunner - Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Gannet - Irish Raptor Research Centre

Kodiak Bear - None in UK, a single collection in Sweden has them.

White Lion - Paradise Wildlife Park

White Tiger - Paradise Wildlife Park

Burmese Ferret Badger - None in Europe

Zorilla - Hopefully, private collections in UK have them. Probably...

Harp Seal - None in UK, two Europe collections.

Hooded Seal - None in Europe

Gliders - Sugar Gliders are kept at Paradise Wildlife, Narrow-Tailed Gilders are kept in 10 collections in Europe, and Northern Sugar Gliders are kept in 1 collection in Netherlands.

Peters' Platanna - None in Europe.

Hoatzin - None in Europe.

Rhesus Macaque - Longleat Safari Park.

 NOTE: Some of these Locations may be incorrect. Read this page and let others know. Also, persuade to find where the mentioned animals live in captivity online and put them in your own list. Write the locations, too!

        Thanks for reading.