Mammals - I don't really focus on begging to see (many) big mammals anymore, but the small ones are very interesting indeed.

Echidnas - I may see them at Paignton in 2017.

I wish there still was platypi in a UK Zoo, seeing one in London's aquarium would be one of my dreams.

I wish Bristol still had quolls - saw them in February at Bristol in 2017, but I heard it may turn into a cuscus enclosure, and where the animals would be held -

  • Bronze Quoll - In Twilight World, if one goes to the right side of where the Aye-Aye is held, they will find an enclosure holding them.
  • Western Quoll - Near the Kea enclosure.
  • New Guinean Quoll - Outside the Reptile House.
  • Tiger Quoll - Near the Livingstone's Fruit Bats.
  • Northern Quoll - Near the Tortoises.
  • Eastern Quoll - Will stay out of the zoo until the zookeepers get new Easterns.