The term "animal rights" means charities and law chains standing for animal cruelty and to stop it; but sometimes fail.

However, 99% of PETA, Blackfish and others' lies lead to propaganda. Here are 6 facts that they told you..


1. Blackfish

Let's start here. According to Blackfish Lies, by the official SeaWorld, there are a HUGE total of 69 LIES in Blackfish. In one scene, a trainer is shown riding an orca, but is one of SeaWorld's waterworks. In another scene they said no orca attacks happened in the wild, but there WERE occurrences. In another scene a short clip of what are called "orcas" are stranded, but are Short-finned Pilot Whales (Globicephala macorhynchus) and not Orcas. (Orcinus Orca)

2. Closure

This year, a place in the UK known as Wetlands Wildlife Park closed due to "Distressed Animals", but on FaceBook the owners said they retired, yet PETA is still telling the SAME lies Again, again, again...

3. Meat

PETA has a HUGE campaign against meat, and is always trying to find alternatives, and is showing possibly photoshopped pictures of animals suffering..

And what's worse?!

You guessed it. PETA released a range of VEGAN food for CARNIVORES. Cats and Dogs are some of the unlucky ones.

4. The fur

Fur is what lies on an animals back, front or even nowhere. PETA is against fur clothes, but most of the furred animals were domesticated and NOT wild.

5. The Orcas

OK, we stopped talking about Blackfish, but on PETA's websites, Orcas are said to be distressed in captivity, but in reality,

Lie Truth
Orcas' fins collapse capative They indeed do, but differ the orca.
She is RIDING the orca See above
They hate doing tricks This is physical enrichment, and also happens in capative Sea Lions.