The number of species of animals is AMAZING -  yet most scientists say we only found a TINY bit of the numbers, but til then, want to play a quiz?

Level 1 - Easy Peasy: This is the easiest out of all of them. Who are these?


What is this?

A. Giant Panda

B. Sun Bear

C. Polar Bear


A. Scarlet Macaw

B. Budgerigaer

C. Spix' Macaw (SPICK Macaw)


NOTE: Bactrian (B has two humps), Dromedary (D has one hump)

A. Bactrian Camel

B. Dromedary

Level Two: This is a bit harder than before.


A. Beluga

B. Narwhal

C. Humpback Whale

D. Orca


A. Primate

B. Monotreme

C. Marsupial

D. Herbivore


A. Striped Skunk

B. Ringtail Lemur

C. Aye-Aye

D. Racoon

Level 3 - Expert: This is the hardest level. Like to see you win this one!


A. South American Porcupine

B. North American Porcupine

C. Long-Eared Hedgehog

D. Spiny Mouse

E. Short-Beaked Echidna


A. American Robin

B. Chestnut Backed Thrush

C. Ring-necked Parakeet

D. Andean Cock-of-the-Rock

E. Spangled Continga


A. Wall Gecko

B. Green Iguana

C. Dwarf Caiman

D. Anole

E. Rattlesnake




1-I: It's A; A Giant Panda. told you it would be easy!

1-II: It's B; A Budgerigaer.

1-III: It's A; A Bactrian Camel.

2-I: It's A; A Beluga Whale. Told you it would be harder!

2-II: I's A; A Primate - Monkey perhaps.

2-III: It's A; A Striped Skunk.

3-I: It's E; A Short-Beaked Echidna.

3-II: It's B; A Chesnut-Backed Thrush at Edinburgh Zoo.

FINALE: It's A; A Wall Gecko. Note me if I got this species wrong.