Note: This gallery has no photos for public use; unless I have given you permission.

Two Addax at Marwell Zoo, England Two Addax at Marwell Zoo in Winchester, England.

 A Short-Beaked Echidna eats, and then continues on a walk at Paignton Zoo, South Devon.

 A Giant Panda eats a piece of bamboo, then walking into its house at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland.

 Two Aardvarks asleep at London Zoo, England.

 A Musophagiforme peering down at something at Ueno Zoo, Japan.

 One of the three Chesnut Backed Thrushes at Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland.


Beluga Whale in water at Valencia L'Oceangrafic in Spain.

Koala awake at Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland.

(giant) Anteater walks at Marwell Zoo, England.

Bongo stands at Marwell Zoo, England.

 And finally, walking Golden Pheasant at Paignton Zoo, Devon.