Weaverbird: Whilst its nest is always there, the bird only comes to it every few minutes.

Guinea Fowl: Every now and then, this bird flies from the cave.

Zebra: A rarer sight, the zebra every few minutes is able to be seen running, near the bridge to the Jamaa Centre, in the distance.

Ant: The ants are probably the easiest Journey Book sp. to find, always there at the top left of the mud pit.

Warthog: Every mow and then, the Warthog is at the bottom left of the mud pit.

Black Mamba: Every now and then, slithering from the cave.

Golden Mole: Found in the cave.

Cockroach: Near the Museum.

Meerkat: On one of the rocks on the mountain, most of the time.

Rock Hyrax: At the far right, mostly on one of the rocks.

And you get as a prize - an Accacia Pet Tree.