Can you guess all 100?

An animal that resembles a pig but is the only one in its genus.

An animal that assists aardvarks to find food.

A large sea bird

The white (form of) an animal.

An undomesticated donkey.

A nocturnal lemur

An animal that eats ants, hence the name.

Any large cetacean that feeds with baleen, not teeth.

An animal that comes in black, brown, white and grey colours.

A whale of a white colour that inhabits the Northern Pole of the world.

A male (form of) a whale, elephant or cattle.

A bird related to the gannet.

An animal that resembles a buffalo.

A large animal that inhabits Africa and Asia.

A species of right whale.

A winged invertebrate.

A black and white animal that inhabits every continent apart from South America, Australia and the Polar riegons.

The largest rodent.

An ungulate that either has 1 or 2 humps on the back.

An animal known for its eggs.

A female (form of) whale, elephant or cattle.

A rodent from the Andean mountains.

A reptile known for changing colour.


We're related to them.

An animal known to chirp "Cri-cri, Cri-cri.."

Andean are common, Californian are rare.

AKA the mountain lion

Some aquariums are known for them.

Eeore! Eeore!


Beergghh, triptroptriptrop Beerrgghh...

Common in the pond.


A man's best friend.

Apart from platypus, these mammals lay eggs.

Tusks and trunks.

Bird of Prey

European moose

Pink birds.

Ri-ri, ri-ri

Bird of Prey

100% aquatic

Leaf eater

Dips into water



Hungry ____

River horse, what is it?

Bird of prey





Big Cat

Bird that sounds like a letter.

95% water

Walks on lilypads

Nom, nom, eating, leaves,



Dips for fish too.


A primate

Komodo dragons and monitors are them.

Lion x Tiger=?