A is for the many Animals who live here. This is the 70th largest Zoo in Europe, with 275 species and over 400 induviduals.

B is for the many Birds who live here, Pittas, Ostrich and Parrots to name just a few.

C is for the MASSIVE Saltwater Crocodile, but since they are so big, there's only one here.

D is for the Ducks who live with flamingos and cranes, as well as this zoo being located in Devon.

E is for the Elephant who lived here for a long time. Also, there is an Echidna here.
F is for Frog, Fish and Flamingo.
G is for Giraffe.

H is for the Red River Hogs who live in a shed.

I is for the Scarlet Ibis.

J is for "Jungle Fun".

K is for a Kiwi that is currently offshow, yet you can see what it is doing on a Tobisha Screen.

L is for Lions, who can be seen at the back of the aviary, where all the birds can run or fly free.

M is for the many Monkeys who can be seeen here.

N is for the Nocturnal Animals who live here.

O is for Orang-utan.

P is for Paignton Zoo, what we're talking about.

Q is for the happy Quiet times you can have here.

R is for Rhino.

S is for Screamer, a kind of bird.

T is for Takin.

U is for the Uncovered surprises the future might hold here.

V is for the Veterinary Centre.

W is for Wolf.

X is for the Train that X* all day. *Crosses

Y is for the Yelling Gibbons.

Z is for Zebra.