A: This animal is the only one living currently in its group. It's a bit like an anteater and a pig, crossed together. It is fed soup in zoos!

B: Hamadraya's, Mandrill, Olive; What is it?

C: It's grey, and is related to the mouse, only a bit bigger! It is nocturnal.

D: An animal related to the manatee. To make it easier, the first part is the past tense of dig, and the last part is 'ong'.

E: It is not a hedgehog, but it looks like one. It lays eggs, and is a mammal.

F: It's a fox, but that's not all. It is found in Africa and has large ears.

G: This is a kind of Antelope. A Dorca's --- can be seen at Marwell Zoo.

H: This is the smallest bird in the world, and flaps its wings 80 times per hour.

I: It is related to the goat, and is found in the Alps.

J: A jumpy animal that is related to the mouse in Africa.

K: This bird is only found in New Zealand, and is also the name of a fruit I'm sure you've eaten before. The bird cannot fly.

L: This has species of Ringtailed, Indri, Red Ruffed, and Black and White Ruffed, and more.

M: This small deer was origianally found in Asia, but it is now all over the UK. It unfortunely causes car accidents.

N: This is a bird you may not have seen before, but as I'm fair, here is some more clues: The first one is a acorn or chestnut, and the last one is an entrance used instead of a door.

O: This is Asia's only great ape.

P: This bird has a pouch, in which it uses to hold fish.

Here are some 'Q's!

Q#1: This bird can be seen all over the word, and it rhymes with 'whale'.

Q#2: This beautiful bird is found in Central America, and has long tail feathers. It rhymes with 'Pretzal'.

Q#3: This wallaby is found in Australasia.

Q#4: This is also known as the 'daysure', and Bristol Zoo is the only UK zoo to have them.

Q#5: This is another word for 'porcupine'.

Q#6: This is the biggest butterfly.

Now let's go back to the other letters!

R: You may have seen the old cartoon where this bird was always being chased by a coyote.

S: This is a seabird. It is not a Seagull, Snipe, or Sooty Tern. So what is it?

T: This is an extinct animal. It is commonly called the 'thylacine'.

U&V: These are two monkeys. The 'V' animal can be seen in UK zoos, while letter 'U' Can't and originates from Peru. Do you know their names?

W: This is another word for beluga, and describes it too. Think logic!

X: This is also a seabird, and I'm going to make it easy for you. Fill it with 'U's: Xanth*s M*rrelet.

Y: Don't know this one? D'oh! It's a big shaggy animal related to the cow!

Z: This is stinkier than a skunk. Amazon World Zoo Park used to have these.








Fennec Fox











Quail, Quetzal, Quoll, Quokka, Quill-Pig, Queen Alexandra's Birdwing.



Tasmanian Tiger

Uakari and Vervet

White Whale

Xanthus Murrelet