So what animal noises do you know?

Birds tweet, cats meow, dogs woof, it's so easy! But what about others - like Giraffes and Deer? Hmmm...

5 unexpected animal noises..


Ask someone one thing they know about piranhas, you'd either mostly get, "they're a fish", or "they bite". But however, did you know that piranhas indeed DO make noises? They, like dogs, make a "bark"-like sound. If you want to hear these intresting communications, click here: A research video.


Giraffes. A popular zoo animal worldwide, renowed for their long neck. But you've probably came to the time where this question bugged you - What does the giraffe say? You ask some people, who sometimes answer that they are silent, or same, due to their neck too long to posess vocal chords. But believe it or not, like the other animals on this list, the giraffe indeed does have vocals. However, they either make audible noises (which we can hear), or infrasonic ones (which we can't hear).

Noise Infrasonic or Audible? Why they make it
Bleat Audible Heard in offspring, if provoked
Snort Audible If adult is provoked
Hiss Audible If adult is provoked
Flute-like noise Audible Reason unclear, probably for call
Whistle Audible For call
Humming Infrasonic Unclear, probably general communication


What do you know about Anteaters? Of Course - they eat ants. Why? their name. But what noises do they make? Well, baby anteaters make a trilling noise, whilst adults tend to grunt.