To me, there's no better day out than to pay a visit to your local zoo. If it's an hour's drive, or just on your doorstep, here are 10 reasons to go to the zoo.

1. Who doesn't love Pandas? (Scotland)

I mean, Who doesn't love pandas? If you live in Scotland, put down that viral video and pay a trip to my favourite zoo, Edinburgh. They also have two pandas, but need special tickets booked. If you don't see the panda, try again in the day, but if it doesn't show up, try again another day.

2. Conservation Work

Animals are rapidly dissapearing - did you know one species my go extinct (none of that real animal left alive anywere else) every 10 seconds? Another reason to visit the zoo, most zoos are ran nowadays by special charities which help animals that are very rare.

3. Older than DINOSAURS?!

Yes, at the zoo you can also see something.. Older than the oldest dinosaur! And it's.. (drumroll) a crocodile! Yes, you thought it would be something big and scary and something no-one has ever heard of, but according to scientific research, they haven't changed how they look for over 1000 years - how cool is that?!

4. Sure, you might have to have holidays..

Yes, some species just aren't kept in UK, but deeper you go into Europe, the more interesting the species get! But that doesn't mean UK Zoos aren't good, It's just, these species aren't in UK Zoos!

5. Discover an old zoo in the middle of a landmark!

London Zoo is the World's oldest scientific zoo, and my 4th favourite, but who knew this zoo is so good? From Aardvarks to Zebras, London has a little bit of everything. (Except for most big animals)

6. Go near an animal! (but not too close)

The West Midland Safari Park and the Highland Wildlife Park are two special zoos which let people get into an animals exhibit in their cars: here's how it works. The visitors pay for the visit, are permitted in, and then go into a special, animal-surrounded road.

7. Animal Encounters!

If you visit the zoo, sometime let your children have a go at what it means to own a zoo, via special experiences. Here, the children are educated by lessons showing what the zookeepers do, including feeding, putting to sleep and setting things out. It's a bit costy, but worth it!

8. Visit a rainforest!

Well, somewhat that. Special Zoos like The Living Rainforest and Amazon World Zoo let people see what a rainforest looks like; with surroundings, animals and plants.

9. Who knows what you might see?

Well, who? but before you visit a zoo, if you want you can see what animals it has, via a special website known as Zootierliste.

10. You can make your own zoo!

This is called a "private zoo", because around the UK, many people keep animals (espescially small ones) in private collections, but this doesn't mean you can't share it to the public. Get a Zoo Licence, and your zoo will be up and running!

Many thanks, Matthew Von Wenden.