10 facts about sea animals

  1. The Blue Whale can dive for 500m.
  2. ..but that whale can't stay deepest longest! The Beaked Whale has that record!
  3. Scientists tell which orca is which, by shape and size of its dorsal fin; the (normally) straight upright fin on a dolphin or whale's back!
  4. All Sea-Turtles are rare; only the Green Sea-Turtle is common; for a sea-turtle!
  5. The Loggerhead Turtle is the largest sea-turtle.
  6. The Kemp's Ridley Sea-Turtle is the rarest sea-turtle.
  7. The Commerson's Dolphin is related to the Hector's Dolphin.
  8. The Commerson's Dolphin and the Orca look alike; though they look colour shifted.
  9. The Medeterrean Monk Seal is the world's rarest seal.
  10. The Vaquita is the second rarest cetacean after the Yangteze River Dolphin.

10 facts about African Animals.

  1. There was once bears in Africa - but there hasen't been any since the Roman times - the Romans hunted them to extinction.